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Drama-free group decision making.

GroupAgree is a voting app that helps your group or team make decisions more quickly, fairly, and without drama.

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How are people using GroupAgree?

For fun

What movie should we see?

Where should we get dinner?

What games should we play at the party?

For fun

In academia

What should our book club read next?

What should the topic be for our final project?

When should I reschedule my class so the most students can make it?

In academia

At work

When should we meet with the client?

Which potential job candidates should we hire?

How should we prioritize feature requests from our customers?

At work

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Who's using GroupAgree?

Candice Davantzis

Using GroupAgree is a fun and easy way to make decisions. I've enjoyed using it to help plan social activities, like karaoke and game nights. I like how democratic the voting process is and I feel like everyone is usually really happy with the outcome.

— Candice Davantzis, Manager, Drishti Yoga

Candice Davantzis

As a UX professional, I appreciate a tool that is easy for our group members to use and that provides quick, clear results. GroupAgree makes it easy for us to come to a decision on books and venues, so I can spend my time reading rather than sending e-mails.

— Josh Morse, Senior User Experience Manager, RightScale

Dr. Sarah Anderson

What I really want to know when I’m scheduling is which option is best and which options are not preferred but still doable. GroupAgree is perfect for this. It’s also nicely grounded in decision theory, allowing me to base decisions on much more information than just a yes or a no.

— Dr. Sarah Anderson, Associate Professor of Environmental Politics, UC Santa Barbara

Why GroupAgree?

As an organizer, you can't always make everyone happy.

But what if you could rest comfortably knowing that as many people are as satisfied as possible, even those who don't always voice their opinions as loudly as others?

Rest comfortably

The world is more socially-linked than ever before, but along with that has come an increase in noise.

Save time, money, and sanity by cutting down on distracting e-mails, IMs, texts, and comments that can blow up into logistical nightmares.

Save time

Things can change quickly but GroupAgree keeps you adaptable without needing to go through the voting process again.

Does the date you decided on for a meeting no longer work? GroupAgree provides you with a ranked list of all the options, so just move down to the next best one and go with that instead.


Other voting apps only let you vote for one option, making you feel like you're throwing your vote away if you prefer something outside the box.

Some even penalize you if you prefer multiple options equally, or force you to waste time tediously assigning points.

GroupAgree is different.


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